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Relaxing chez nous at the Martian Embassy (au naturel)

MICHAEL DUNN on the origins of the group:
The Hot Club of Mars is a direct descendant of The Kitsilano Kat Kickers, one of the first groups to play hot swing around Vancouver, BC, in the late 70s. Having gone through an enormous body of musical alumni since then, the present band still does "Gypsy Jazz", the contemporary name for the genre of music now popular worldwide that was created by Django Reinhardt and his Quintette du Hot Club de France in the 30s and 40s.
"Our musical scope has widened considerably from the original format to include tangos, some original songs, and a completely reworked version of a favourite Django classic, Douce Ambience. Our gifted chanteuse, Deanna Knight, has brought some of her own creations to the group which have evolved somewhat here from her original concepts.
"So our present live concert repertoire represents a confluence of several different genres, all of which have contributed to the eclectic mix on our new CD, Gypsy Fire."
Live at the Cottage Bistro in Vancouver

L to R: Steve Szabo (rhythm guitar), Mark Dowding (woodwinds and harmonicas), Deanna Knight (vocals), Charlie Knowles (bass), and Michael Dunn (lead guitars). This photo also appears on the back of the CD cover.

Michael Dunn
Michael Dunn plays both steel and wooden guitars, and makes his living as a luthier specializing in the construction of Maccaferri/Selmer Gypsy style guitars. Throughout the past 30 years, he has built close to 500 guitars and other stringed instruments of various styles, including the unusual harp guitar that features prominently in the tangos on Gypsy Fire.
Portrait at the Cottage Bistro in Vancouver

L to R: Mark Dowding (woodwinds and harmonicas), Charlie Knowles (bass), Deanna Knight (vocals), Steve Szabo (rhythm guitar), and Michael Dunn (lead guitars).

The Hot Club of Mars at the Martian Embassy

L to R: Michael Dunn (lead guitars), Charlie Knowles (bass), Deanna Knight (vocals), Mark Dowding (woodwinds and harmonicas), and Steve Szabo (rhythm guitar).